synesthesia goes 3d

Following on from my previous post around the idea of synesthesia, I have begun to to combine this concept with my research into WebGL. I extended the “one letter, one colour” concept into the three-dimensional case where one letter becomes one coloured cube. Initially the cubes were static, as shown in the example below:

Static cubes WebGL demo

I had originally intended to have the cubes constantly scrolling, with the colours being taken from the letters of the bible as in my previous 2D work “How can men meditate on that which they cannot understand?” however I then began to follow my original desire to subvert the relationship between data and context by animating the cubes in a more fluid sense, to further destroy any hope of understanding the data contained within them. I animated the cubes to appear as part of a larger helix-style structure, referencing DNA and the data of the natural world. This second experiment is shown here:

Cube Helix

This work is still in progress and ultimately I would like the cubes to be constantly passing from right to left so that the camera is flying past the data stream (or vice-versa).

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